Welcome to KeepaBeat

Making First Aid accessible to all.

KeepaBeat was designed and developed by First Aid expert Sam Mackay and has been overwhelmingly successful in Hertfordshire for the last 7 years, proving particularly popular with the NCT and local Childrens Centres. The focus is on teaching First Aid to those involved with small children. 

Nearly half of expectant parents (44%) have not learned basic First Aid in preparation for the arrival of their baby and one third of all parents have had to rush their children in to hospital at some point. Far too many of us are too scared to deliver the life saving First Aid care that is needed to save lives and a recent survey showed that 82% of parents would not know what to do if their child fell over, started to choke or was burnt. 

What do we offer?

KeepaBeat offers a range of courses: 

  •  First Aid For Parents & Carers 
  •  Paediatric First Aid (For Childminders, Schools, Nannies etc)
  •  Junior Medic Training
  •  First Aid at Work
  •  Prehospital Care 
  •  Paediatric Mental Health First Aid (coming soon)

These programmes have been successfully executed throughout Hertfordshire. Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what others think of our sessions on the reviews section of our Facebook page www.facebook.com/keepabeat 

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What makes us different?

KeepaBeat is a First Aid programme that has been specifically designed to teach First Aid to Parents, Carers and Childcare Professionals in a simple and memorable way. This group of people are often time poor and may be worried about other things, we deliver a course in a way to help them retain critical key information to help them until an ambulance arrives. 

In order to set ourselves apart from the First Aid crowd we are training each of our First Aid Trainers to a standard above and beyond most if not all of our competitors. This ensures we have the best trainers and also means we will be able to move into new areas of First Aid quickly in this fluid market. 

Anyone who has met or trained under our founder, Sam Mackay, will have experienced first hand the passion, care and attention to detail that has quickly made KeepaBeat the stand-out First Aid company in Hertfordshire. Moreover, the classes that run alongside Baby Sensory in Hertfordshire have embellished and benefitted both parties immeasurably with improved relationships with the NCT and Childcare professionals aiding the growth of both businesses in the area.